For the entire period of its operation, the Lallukka Artists’ Home Foundation has held on to the axiom that the Lallukka Artists’ Home is for professional artists. In the selection of resident artists, two equal applicants are evaluated also from the social perspective with respect to the idea of a refuge by the donators of the Artists’ Home. Many of the residents’ spouses are also significant artists.

Originally the aim was to assign apartments or workshops in the Artists’ Home on a temporary basis in a form of scholarships. However the Second World War and subsequent housing shortage made the implementation of this type of program impossible. The original allocation of the Artists’ Home reserved 20 rooms for visual artists and 25 rooms for other artists specified by the bylaws of the Foundation; there were three apartments for staff.

An application for Lallukka’s Artists’ Home is informal and it should include two things, CV and one page motivational letter why an applicant should have an apartment from the Artists’ Home.

The current allocation of rooms is as follows:

  • visual artists, approx. 2600 m², 24 ateliers
  • dramatic artists, 1000 m², 16 apartments
  • composers, singers and musicians, 1000 m², 13 apartments
  • 53 artists’ residences in total

See a list of the residents here.

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